A Filipino style ceviche using vinegars to cure and season the dish. It is a cuisine served all over the Philippines and has a huge range of variety.

We recommend ordering 2 or 3 dishes each depending on whether you order rice with homemade Filipino rice seasoning.

Gluten, dairy and vegan options available.


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—  Bitter Melon Elixir  —
Chayote, bitter melon, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, water spinach, crispy shallots

—  Mustasa Cradled Duck Egg  —
Salted duck egg, heirloom tomato, mustard leaf

—  Bagoong Fisherman’s Treat  —
Daikon, fermented shrimp, green peppercorns, fried garlic

—  Kilawin Coconut Fire  —
Sea bream, mango, red pepper, jalapeno, coconut vinegar

—  Hilaw na Papaya and Prawn  —
King prawns, green papaya, pickled cucumber, achiote prawn oil

—  Baboy Bounty  —
Pork belly, diced cucumber, chilli, chicharron

—  Diver Hauls Kapis Treasure  —
Hand-dived scallop, cucumber, radish, lime, fermented roe, cucumber

—  Vinegar soaked Talaba  —
Oysters, avocado, onion, ginger, lime, vinegar
—  Pusit hides in Kang Kong —
Long beans, squash, peanuts, radish, adobo, vinegar

—  KanIN-AsaWa —

Chef Francis has created a unique type of rice seasoning that he has termed Kanin-Asawa - (married to rice)

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Jasmine Rice - £2

served with

Baboy (pork), Manok Balat (chicken), Camote (vegetable), Fish (Isda) - 80p each

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