- Pinoy Fast Food Pop UP -

Chef Francis brings to you another mouthwatering selection of Pinoy food.

Simply sensational Tocino burgers, chicken adobo & katsu sweet potato burgers w/ triple-cooked chips w/ mango & chilli homemade dips.

Add in some Corn-Fed Free-Range Chicken Inisal, a selection of Pulutan nibbles and of course the exquisite Kinlaw and you have the perfect combo.

Don’t forget to try our homemade Ube Buko Purple Yam Milkshake - hard or soft and deliciously yet veganly creamy.

Pinoy Burgers

served with lettuce, tomato & pepino pickle a la bricoche

Tocino Pork Burger £5/7.5

Beef Steak Burger £6/8.5

Adobo Chicken Burger £5.5/8

Sweet Potato Katsu Burger £5.5

Pinoy Poultry - Corn Fed & free-range chicken

Quarter Chicken Inisal lemongrass chilli dip, atchara £8

Pale of Quail lemongrass chili dip, atchara £10

Buttermilk Panko Crumbed Chicken Wings lemongrass chili dip £4


Triple Cooked Chips sea salt        £3

Triple Cooked Chips Pinoy Cajun spice        £3.5



Chef Francis Puyat has brought a little bit of home to Hoxton with two delicious menus inspired by the cooking in his native country.

Kinilaw is a type of Filipino ceviche that uses vinegar to cure a delicious array of ingredients.

What better way to round of a healthy vibrant delicious meal than by tucking into some heavenly ice cream. The menu is again inspired by filipino flavours. All ice creams have their own unique toppings. Served in polished coconut shells or our equally mind-blowing homemade vegan and gluten free waffle cones.

A little shout out to Kirill, who took time off from being Berlin and Reebok’s on call impressario illustrator, to design Chef Francis’ tattoo. He then came down specially to ink the tattoo on chef’s arm in the venue before we opened. It came out so beautifully we used the octopus for our logo as well. Check him out on https://www.koganillustrator.com/ @kogancult


Oceans are lovely lets keep them that way.

No single use containers are used in takeaway or delivery so people wanting a cup to takeaway will be charged a pound extra. In return you will receive a beautiful recycled and reusable polished coconut shells to go with your purchase. Of course feel free to bring your own container at no extra cost.

That includes hot drinks. The shells can be wrapped with very easy to recycle aluminium foil on request.

Straws are handy. We get polycarbonate reusable ones from Cocktail Kingdom. You should too. They are reusable, work very well and are extremely reasonably priced. Peace and love to all water dwellers.